Human Rights Regional Conferences were held in four countries, including in Washington, DC, USA (top), in Taiwan, Province of China (bottom, left) and in Nepal (bottom, right).

Youth from across the globe converged for four YHRI Regional Conferences to engage in human rights activity and collaboration.

As has become traditional for the annual YHRI World Educational Tours, Human Rights Regional Conferences were held in four countries—all with the purpose of engaging and educating youth on human rights within the various regions where the conferences were held.

It started with the 7th Annual South Asia Regional Human Rights Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. The conference brought together participants from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam. The opening day speakers included a member of the Nepali National Human Rights Commission and Executive Vice Chairman of the National Youth Council. Seven media outlets attended the inaugural ceremony and a panel discussion was held on unleashing “the power of youth in South Asia for peace and human rights.”

The Nepali Scouts District Commissioner rallied young scouts, scout rovers, rangers and scoutmasters to discuss their responsibilities in terms of human rights. Nepal’s rich UNESCO World Heritage Sites were celebrated under the banner of UDHR Article #27, which includes the right to cultural diversity.

The second conference was the three-day 7th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Taiwan, Province of China, with Youth Delegates from Australia, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, USA and Vietnam. Speakers included government officials, educators and community leaders. The topic of bullying prevention was high on the agenda with lively discussions especially on the role of human rights education as a proven preventive measure.

Next was the 5th Annual Latin American Conference in Mexico, hosted by the government of Tlaxcala at the state Legislative Palace—where there was standing-room-only attendance. Government officials, community leaders, NGOs and civil society members participated, including Youth Delegates from Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay and representatives from 27 Mexican states. Speakers included the President of the Human Rights Commission for the Tlaxcala Congress and the Director of the Tlaxcala Institute of Youth representing the governor of the state. As a special acknowledgment for her work, Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, President of YHRI, was presented with a hand-carved Aztec chieftain’s staff by the Office of the Tlaxcala Governor.

Human Rights Regional Conferences were held in four countries—all with the purpose of engaging and educating youth on human rights.

On the second day, the Botanical Gardens Cinema was the setting for an event where the young delegates presented their human rights work and shared successful actions with each other.

And back in the US, there was the three-day US National Human Rights Conference on Capitol Hill, which included presentations of the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Proclamations, certificates and congratulations poured in from officials across the US.

The Church of Scientology National Affairs Office hosted an event focusing on the issue of human trafficking, followed by meetings with 47 legislative officials on Capitol Hill. The events culminated with the Human Rights Cherry Blossom Festival Concert Grand Finale on the National Mall.


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